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 Allocation Summary Based on Risk Tolerance

Mutual Fund Category

Stock Funds

Alternative Investments Funds 

Bond Funds


Conservative / Moderately Conservative / Moderate / Moderately Aggressive / Aggressive

Asset Classes                   Funds                   Symbols           Target Weightings 


Large Cap Growth

Large Cap Value

Mid Cap Growth

Mid Cap Value

Small Cap Growth

Small Cap Value

Foreign Growth

Foreign Value

Emerging Markets Growth

Emerging Markets Value

Alternative Investments 

Real Estate

Natural Resources


Precious Metals

Managed Futures


Short-Term Bond

Intermediate Term Bond

High Yield Bond

Foreign Bond


In the interest of providing greater diversification and a more robust Asset Allocation Model, we have add new asset classes to our models.  For more information about our World Cup Money Managers Strategies please feel free to give us a call.   Conservative,Moderately Conservative,Moderate,Moderately Aggressive,Aggressive,Asset Classes,Funds